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Other materials (Resin, Polystyrene, Wood/Metal combination)


Other formwork options for concrete elements

In the context of its development, Coffrages Gaillard is working on the formwork conception with new materials.

Coffrages Gaillard offers new options to its clients in the construction and the prefabrication, to handle their always more specific expectations and obligations.


Usually used in matrix conception, the resin allows us to get forms and a quality that can be easily used more than once. The resin arrives in the workshop as a liquid material, and our technicians know how to make resin formworks. By now we got some experience in resin and silicone formworks, especially through different construction sites and requests. Whatever you need, from blazon conception to matrix, our design office will guide you to the most profitable material, in regards to your request.

The resin enables a larger reuse and an easier demoulding. This material has no limit, we can create as many personalized matrix as we want to satisfy our clients.


Polystyrene has been used for a very long time for the formworks for concrete elements, and it is still used today for some realisations. The polystyrene formworks are machined with ordered machines, and are therefore precise and durable. According to your need, our design office will guide you to this kind of formwork. The conception of a polystyrene formwork is very fast, so we can deliver you 72 to 96 hours after your order.

The mould is delivered within the bloc, in which it was made, in order to avoid any mistakes of manipulation. To allow a better reuse of the formwork we can provide the form oil. In terms of ecology, we adapt to the current expectations, we can therefore take your polystyrene formwork back, and we take care of its recycling. This kind in formwork is very estimated for its different forms (bias or curved) that can hardly be imitated, but also for its short delivery times. Our technicians will offer you a great satisfaction through our process and experience, whatever material you want to order.

Wood-Metal combination

We created this combination for the first time for a specific order, and we studied and approved it in the workshop after that. Wood is cheaper than metal, but the metal is also more resistant and easier to reuse, so we found a perfect combination.

For this kind of conception we were firstly contacted for a deck bridge. The ordering institution wanted to ally two factors: price and quality. By using only wood, the quality of the reuse would had been a big issue, since this bridge deck was more than ten meters long. By using only metal, the price would had been too high for our client’s budget. In order to satisfy the client and ally both materials we worked on a new proposal: a wood-metal combination. In our process the whole support is made with wood, and metal pieces are integrated to this support for all formwork parts. We were therefore able to lower the price of the piece (compared to a full-metal support) and to get a careful finishing and a great reuse. Since then we made some new formworks with this wood-metal combination.

Adapting to your expectations enables us to develop ourselves. As your first contact point, our design office will consider your requests, questions and wishes to offer you the best options, even if it means we have to innovate. Contact us, and you will find an experienced and devoted team by your side.