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Aluminium reserved zones

Our different kinds of reserved zones with aluminium

For concrete elements, Coffrages Gaillard offers different kinds reserved zones made with aluminium.

Our team produces with aluminium tailor-made delimited zones:

  • Window
  • Door
  • Extremity to stop the concrete

All of our reserved zones for doors and windows are conceived with inclining sides of 2%, to make the demoulding easier. We can also integrate a seal, upon request, in order to avoid any concrete laitance.

Our aluminium pieces can be produced in every usual concrete thickness: 16cm, 18cm, 20cm, and 25cm. Beyond these measures, you will have to consult us about the options on aluminium elements.

The extremities, made to stop the concrete when it is poured, are conceived for the same measures than the reserved zones. A seal can be set up.

Our panel from aluminium pieces can be used directly on construction sites, where they are almost always reused several times, but it is also designed for the companies from the prefabricated elements. This particular material offers a better reuse quality than wood, because the finishing is always the same. Aluminium pieces are generally ordered for standard measures or a regular need on specific construction sites.

For the “on table” pouring in the companies of prefabricated elements, the integration of aluminium reserved zones and extremities is a current practice. The handling ability of these elements is easy and safe.

Several options are offered to our clients:

  • Help for the demoulding (blocks in the corners)
  • Seal
  • Handling cable

We developed the production on industrial chains in order to be more reactive and productive with the orders. We can deliver the ordered pieces directly on site, and discuss the delivery priorities.

You can download here the purchase order to define and tell us your needs and your wishes (removable, breakable, painting or not…).


Reserved zone made with aluminium

Reserved zone made with aluminium