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Coffrages Gaillard, an expertise for over 30 years


Réalisation coffrage pour escalier

Stairs formwork

Formwork expert since 1985


Coffrages Gaillard has been specialized in formworks for concrete elements for over 30 years.

We intervene for every formwork order, from concrete prefabricated elements to construction sites (housing and professional buildings) and civil engineering (bridges, bridge decks, water treatment infrastructures…). Our team, which is composed of ten experts, produces single use formworks, such as stairs, poles and balconies, but also common pieces, such as reserved zones for doors and windows, or extremities to stop concrete.

Every option is adapted to the projects needs and can call on different technics:

  • Wood
  • Wood/metal combination
  • Aluminium
  • Polystyrene

Your production requests are firstly examined by our design office, in order to integrate our intern process

  • Study case – discount
  • 3D modelling (upon request)
  • Realization
  • Delivery
  • Installation on construction site or on the company site upon request

We can also intervene on old formworks rehabilitation, in our building or on site. Our colleagues will restore your old formworks for a minimum cost, in order to allow you to pour some new pieces

An intervention zone that extends all over Franc

Thanks to our clients, ordering institutions and exclusive partnerships, we have intervened for 30 years all over France. Among the most impressive construction sites, we intervened on the Bournezeau Viaduct, which is officially open since 2018. Our specialists contributed to the production of more than 50 multi-families buildings. More than 600 extremities and reserved zones for doors and windows are yearly realised in our workshop. Our team intervenes on specific orders, but it has also industrialized the basis products of the concrete construction.

A new impulse since 2014

After around 20 years in the automobile industry, Mr Barathon took over Coffrages Gaillard in 2014.

In four years, the company has grown significantly:

  • Enhancement of the company’s informatics
  • Relocation in a new building of 2000m² (twice bigger as the older)
  • Development of the team, by hiring an administrative and financial executive, a design office technician, a delivery driver and two employees in the workshop.
  • New organisation of the workshop in the new building, with six production lines

Mr Barathon knew how to combine an artisanal know-how with the industrial rationality. Therefore, reactivity, proximity, as well as artisanal/industrial processes can be found in Coffrages Gaillard. After 30 years of development through different actors (Mr Gaillard when the company was found, and then Mr Moure), the growth of the company gets today always faster.